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Thank you for considering submitting your pet to Pet Graveyard. We appreciate the time you are taking out of your day to support us and remember your pet. Please fill out the web forms below and be sure to read any and all special instructions throughout this page. Following our directions carefully enables us to add your pet to the graveyard more quickly and efficiently.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: By submitting the requsted information below to Pet Graveyard using this form, you acknowledge the following information. We may or may not post your pet on Pet Graveyard, and Pet Graveyard reserves the right to accept or reject submissions for no reason at all without contacting you. By submitting this information to Pet Graveyard you relinquish all rights of copyright to the submitted information and grant Pet Graveyard the right to both edit and use this information however it pleases and to make any and all of the information readable by the public through any means of transmission, either electronic or physical. You grant Pet Graveyard the right to allow third parties to copy and use your information through copyright licensing. Pet Graveyard is not responsible for lost, illegible, or otherwise damaged submissions under any circumstance. Pet Graveyard grants NO WARRANTIES, either expressed or implied, concerning the service. You agree to hold Pet Graveyard free of liability and responsibility concerning anything about this service. SUBMITTING YOUR INFORMATION CONSTITUTES COMPLETE AND TOTAL AGREEMENT TO THE ABOVE TERMS!

NOTE: If you do not enter a grave Number, a grave will be randomly chosen for you.

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Please, we ask that you keep submssions appropriate for all ages. Remember we may reject your submission for any reason at all. Thank you!

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