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Grave #2
Angelique Sassaman
owned by Alyssa Sassaman

A cat that was never old or never tired. My Angie I miss you so much!!
Grave #13
Brian the dog
owned by Samantha and Tylar

We love you!!!!!!!!! Tylar misses You very very very much!!!!!!!!!!
Grave #6
Shelby Chase the dog
owned by Andrew Chase, Dad And Kelly
Grave #3
Baby Girl the Cat
owned by Jamie

She will be loved forever! We miss you.
Grave #2
Q-Tip the rabbit
owned by The Real Dorothy

Q-Tip was a great rabbit, with beautiful pink eyes. Even though she was stupid enough to freeze to death, I guess I still love her. Hope she's hoppin in heaven!
Grave #11
Tuggy the cat
owned by Shannon

I love you Tuggy <3
Grave #10
Sucker the sucker fish
owned by Abbie S.

I loved her so much and I was so sad when she died.
Grave #2
Mischief and Boo the cats
owned by Lauranda

I love you and miss you.
Grave #9
Ollie the rat
owned by Charlotte Baldwin

You're not gone forever, you're only in the next room. I love you more than you could ever know, I have never had a bond like that with any of my pets like I did with you, I will think of you everyday. Miss you Ollie x
Grave #6
Meg Baldwin the dog
owned by The Baldwin Family

Meg you were the sweetest old girl! You will be in out hearts forever.

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