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Grave #2
George the cat
owned by Brian and Anne

In Loving Memory of Beloved George.
Love Brian and Anne Scott
Grave #11
Whisky the cat
owned by Brian and Anne

In Loving Memory of our Beloved Whisky who died very suddenly (1990-2003) RIP Love Brian and Anne xx
Grave #10
Barkely the dog

I love Barkely
Grave #13
Zeus the dog
owned by cmchiles

May he rest in peace. He was one of the dog's I grew up with and I miss him so much.
Grave #11
Samantha the cat
owned by emrox515

Samantha was a good cat who loved to chase her tail.
Grave #1
Spike the cat
owned by cjanteen

Spike, my baby for 12 years. May he be catching his fill of mice in cat heaven.
Grave #3
Bozer the dog
owned by Djboy420
Grave #1
Eddy Munster the dog
owned by brendatoulouse

Eddy was the joy of my life until he ran after a rabbit and was hit and died instantly by a truck. He was my baby and the pain of losing him is always with me.
Grave #11
Martha the hamster
owned by mike97

Beloved hamster and friend
Grave #1
Anna the dog
owned by Great Hero

Poor Dog

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