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Grave #7
Jill the hamster
Owned by Candace

In loving memory of Jill. She was special.
Grave #1
Max the dog
Owned by Brittany

I love you Max and I will miss you and love you forever! I wish I could see you again because I never got to say goodbye. I love you...
Grave #4
Donkey the goldfish
Owned by Donkey

We Hardly Knew Ye, But Your Memory Will Live On. I Can Never Forget You!
Grave #5 Carmel the guinea pig
Owned by Kyle W.
Grave #6
Bear the chinese dwarf hamster
Owned by Chloe

Although you were only with me 7 weeks I grew to love you with all my heart and will miss you with all my heart my brave baby Bear.
Grave #3
Ella the Russian blue cat
Owned by Ariana

Ella, you were a wonderful pet. I got you in 1st grade and lost you in 2nd. I miss you alot! have fun in heaven.
Grave #13
Chong the bird
Owned by Chaeme

Chong, even though you made a lot of noise and left you alone on some occasions, I will always love and miss those precious lost moments. I hope you will love your paradise with blue skies that you have never experienced.

From your master and loving owner,
Grave #3
Halo Brown the guinea pig
Owned by Ellie B.

Halo rest well my friendangel and me will join you one day so don't lose faith. I love you goodbye old friend and rest in peace.
Grave #9
Snowy the cat
Owned by Snowy

I'll miss you Snowy. You were the positive light in my life!
Grave #11
Sabrina the burmese cat
Owned by Alyssa S.

Bree, we miss you so much. Love you forever.

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