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Grave #1
Zipher the shih tzu
Owned by Heather C.

I miss you!
Grave #4
Hermie the hermit crab
Owned by Izzette

Hermie Was the best pet to ever live. Hermie was the most special and iteractive Hermit crab in the whole wide world and I loved him more than anything. Why Hermie why? I still feel like its not real! God please ease the soul of my cherished Hermie! Here is my Hermie poem:
Hermie you were my sun stars and sky,
Why did you have to die?
Hermie how I loved you so,
Why did you have to go?
You did not have to pass any test,
For I already knew you were the best.
With you I had no fear,
For with you love brought me near.
Why did you have to shut the door?
For now I weep unto the floor.
You had one giant claw,
Which in pictures I would draw.
I still do not believe that you are dead,
For now I do not break my bread.
Your life has stopped with a marker,
For now my life is much darker.
I still have a Cuban brown anole,
But in my heart you have left a hole.

I miss you so much! I have not eaten for at least 24 hours! I miss you!!!!!
Grave #4
Jerome the hamster
Owned by Charlotte
Grave #6 Belle the german shepherd
Owned by Kate

I miss you Belle.
Grave #11
Lily the rabbit
Owned by Alice W.

Died in 2002 at 4 years. Is still missed today, my first ever pet! Love you Lily! xxx
Grave #3
Maggie the dog
Owned by Sloane

In memory of my good friend and my strong pet, Maggie
Grave #13
Tina M. the cocker spaniel
Owned by Tina M.

Miss you dearly Tina watch over us we will be together again one day. Until then catch a lot of lizards.
Grave #11
Harry the hamster
Owned by Kylie

My Big bundle of black fluff I will miss you so much. I hope they have sunflower seeds where you are!
Grave #9
Teddy the dog
Owned by Lyandra

You left me too soon, Teddy. You were there for me when no one else was. You will always be "Mom's Boy." I hope you are riding on Dad's Harley up in Heaven with him right now!

Grave #3
Mojo the cockatiel
Owned by Shawna

Mojo was one of the most incredible birds in the entire world. He was so different from other cockatiels. He was such a happy bird who whistled at people and watched your lips to try to say the words you were saying. Everyone who ever came over loved him. On May 25th I was sitting on the couch waiting to be picked up for school. I heard him making really odd clucking sounds so i went over to the cage and only saw our other bird meiko at the top of the cage. I looked down in horror to watch the life slip away from my poor baby. We are still unsure of what happened but he could have had a medical issue that symptoms didn't show. I miss him so much. Hes not just any BIRD. He was incredible and i miss him too much. I miss hearing him whistle and cluck at me. I can't believe he's gone, I wish we could have kept him for so much longer. I hope one day I can see him again and this hurting will stop.

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