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Grave #1
Tom the cat
Owned by Tom

Tom, Nancy, Anthony and Chris will miss you. Rest in peace until we meet again our precious boy.
Grave #1
Nelson Jr. A. the Sheltie
Owned by Kari

Nelson was my best friend. Though I am not his owner. His owner is Besty. We love you Nelson.
Grave #5
Sadie the dog
Owned by Olivia

The last thing you saw was the trees above your head, hopefully there are enough trees in heaven to remind you of home.
Grave #11 Penelope the beta fish
Owned by Haley

He was a really cute and nice fish!
Grave #2
Penelope and Bati the beta fish
Owned by Haley

I really loved both of my beta fish....Bati was a red one. Penelope on the other hand died of old age...very sad.. She died 4-8-06. I cryed at the burial. I miss and love them a lot and now they are in fishy heaven!
Grave #9
Teddy the hamster
Owned by Mom

Love you little guy!
Grave #13
Fuzz the guinea pig
Owned by Mom

I love you Fuzz! You were the best.
Grave #2
Hampton the guinea pig
Owned by Mom

Hampton I still and always will love you.
Grave #12
Louie the guinea pig
Owned by Mom

I miss you and I love you.
Grave #1
Onyx the cat
Owned by Markus

I miss ya buddy.

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