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Grave #9
Al the Fish
owned by Kyle W.
Grave #13
Bandit the cat
owned by Miranda

He was so happy until he saw the truck. R.I.P.
Grave #9
Herald the fish
owned by Kyle W.
Grave #9
Spot the fish
owned by Kyle W.

You may be in the sewer but I remember you.
Grave #11
Fred the unknown species
owned by Miranda

I don't know what he was...I guess he was a...Fred?
Grave #9
Hermit the hermit crab
owned by Miranda

Herbert was a good hermit crab!
Grave #7
Moe the dog
owned by Josh

Good Bye Moe!
Grave #5
Lucky the "crabby" crab
owned by Todd
Grave #1
Gretchen P. the dog
owned by xlockstepgonex

Gretchen, no dog could ever replace you. I love you soooooo much! R.I.P. I love you!
Grave #13
Submarine the Siamese Fighting Fish
owned by Kevin

I miss you, Sub!

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