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Grave #5
Kiara the chinchilla
Owned by Amber T.

Kiara you were my baby girl and I miss you so much. You and I didn't get much time to bond because your life was cut way too short but in the time we had I felt like you truly began to love me. I will always remember the way you would cry and stick your nose out of the cage until I played with you and the way you would relax in my arms when I rocked you. You truly were my baby girl and I will never forget the short time we had together.
Grave #13
Huey the dog
Owned by Pat

Huey, you were a great dog. We will never forget you. You will always be remembered.
Grave #11
Snuggles the hamster
Owned by Samantha

Snuggles was the best hamster i could have wished to get. I dearly miss him and hope he's enjoying hammy heaven. Lots of love and kisses from your saddened owner R.I.P snuggs. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Grave #10
Ceaser the boxer dog
Owned by The C. Family

I watched as you faded and miss you terribly...sweetdreamd darlin.
Grave #2
Roc the dog
Owned by Shana

In Loving memory of my boy Roc.
Grave #5
Lucky the guinea pig
Owned by Kelly

It was so sudden If my tears could build a stairway to heaven i would walk up and bring you back to me.
Grave #8
Lily the gold hamster
Owned by Dani S.

Dear Lily we had the fun times together. I love you and miss you I wish you were still here. I hope you're in a better place with some of your brothers and sisters that might have died. I love you a lot. Make sure you dont run away from God and come back dirty like you did to us. You were such an adventurer.
Grave #6
Lizzie the dog
Owned by Amanda S.

I will miss you so much Lizz!!
Grave #2
Eternal Glory the arctic wolf
Owned by Cat B.

I loved him, so it is a sad loss to me.
Grave #5
Polly the dog
Owned by Susan

I love you Polly. I hope you're okay. You're the most awsomest pet ever. Goodbye.

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