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Grave #4
Shrimpy the sea monkey
Owned by Shauna

Here lies the body of poor Shrimpy,
Very nice and not wimpy
It said on the box you would live for two years
But you, a few weeks, i nearly have tears.
I miss you so much, Shrimpy!
Grave #13
Paul the dog
Owned by Samantha O.

Best bud! Live on in Me! Soo Many Mems
Grave #3
Willy the goldfish

I got Willy at a carnival, it was the first thing I won at a carnival. The next day, when I woke up, my dad told me he was dead. So sad...
Grave #10
Max the golden retriever
Owned by Katie C.

Max was a very friendly dog. He loved to chew on sticks. He died when I was 9 years old.
Grave #3
Cookie the dog
Owned by Jessica

Cookie, I just want to let you know that their are people that really miss you and so do I. So, I love you!
Grave #6
Nicky the cat
Owned by Nikolina

I miss you, you have been my friend for years, you're still my friend, out there in the world, I hope your safe, happy and free in your cat heaven.
Grave #14
Cody the german shepard
Owned by Jessica

Cody, I miss you a lot and I love you even though of all the hard times and fun times we have had together I still love you soo much so R.I.P.
Grave #13
Kitty Bell the calico cat
Owned by Crystal, Austin & Krista

You were the best cat ever. We love you so much, and we miss you dearly. You will always be in our hearts.
Grave #5
Achilles the scorpion
Owned by "Achilles the Great"

Didn't have you a long time, but not getting used to not having you around. Miss you my friend! Best of luck!
Grave #7
Tori the chinese dwarf hamster
Owned by Colleen

I really miss you, Tori. You were with me almost 3 years. You were my angel on Earth, and now you're God's angel. I love you, Tori.

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