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Grave #14
Hamlet the hamster
Owned by Trish

He was a good hamster.
Grave #14
Chomper the collie and chow mix
Owned by Chelsea

He was a great dog with a passion for turtules.
Grave #2
Garfunkel the fish
Owned by Best Regards and Most Regrets

Although he ate Simon, Garfunkel was the best pet fish he could be and embodied the personality of his owner very well. I Love You Garfunkel, you will not be forgotten!!!
Grave #3
Angel the Great Dane
Owned by Becky

Gone too soon but never forgotten.
Grave #1
Ellie the cat
Owned by Morgan

I loved it when you slept in my crib when I was a little child now I'm older and you are too but I will never get to witness it. Love your little sister Morgan.
Grave #6
Sophie the hamster
Owned by Brittany

I miss you Sophie only if you could have lived 1 more day (just to let you know she died Jan 6/06 and her birthday was Jan 7) even though hamsters are only apost to live 2 or 3 years old sophie lived a good 5 but almost 6 years old!!!!

I feel alout beter know that I know she knows that I told every one about her life..... xoxo miss you SOPHIE
Personal Grave Photo
Morgan the Golden Retriever
Loved by Becky

My Best Friend Forever
Personal Grave Photo
Ryan the Black Labrador/dog
Owned by Marlene

In respectful and loving memory of my very loyal friend. I miss you so much and think of you often. I imagine you playing catch in doggie heaven where you are young and healthy once again. May 1989 to April 2004
Grave #11
Rocky the german shepard
Owned by Melissa

RIP rocky! I love and I always will!
Grave #13
Kiara the chinchilla
Owned by Amber

Kiara I may have only had you for a short time but I loved you so much and I miss you more than I ever thought possible. You were a great pet and I will never forget you baby girl, I hope you are happier now please know you were loved greatly and are truly missed

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