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Grave #11
Thumper Pena the rabbit
The Pena Family

We miss you a lot and wish you were still here but you're with your God and thats all that matters. We love you and always will. Love mom, dad, your two brothers and especially you loving sister. <3
Grave #1
Bow the dog
owned by Meagan

Grave #1
Marble the Kitty
owned by Jacqueline

Marble you were the best kitty in the whole world! I want to make this message short and sweet but there is so much I want to tell you. Chemise misses you, she has no one to play with now. I miss you more. I was supposed to watch you grow up! So baby boy, I guess this is good bye. Come visit me! Rest in peace my sweet kitty.
Grave #9
Macy the dachsund
owned by Allyson

Macy was a great pet, I relly miss her.
Personal Grave Photo
Bootsie Bear the Jack Russell/Beagle mix
owned by Deanndra Potampa

Bootsie was the best thing that ever happened to me. Mommy misses you so much baby. I can't wait until I see you again and we can cross over the bridge together.
Personal Grave Photo
Corrie the West Highland White Terrier Dog
owned by Stan, Marion and Michelle Watt

Always in our hearts and thoughts, everyday we miss you. Your were our beautiful little princess.
Grave #3
Daisy the dog
owned by Carole McColl Senior

We all love you.
Grave #11
Coal the dog
owned by Levi Kilbride

We will remember him.
Grave #2
Ceaser the kitten
owned by LahLah McColl

Dear Ceaser.
Wherever you are we hope you're happy. You will live forever in our hearts. From the Family.
Grave #3
Curley the feline
owned by R. Byczek

Rest in peace dear Mr. Velvet Ears . . .

We will always remember you for your spirit and feisty vocalizations!

You were a faithful friend who loved us all unconditionally!!! Always a gentleman, With your white gloves and collar!!!

Always a green-eyed King with your regal stance.

We miss you, but know that you are in a much better place!

Forever are you in our minds and hearts.

So, rest in peace, dear friend and brother!!!

With love from your "human" family.

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