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Grave #3
Ebinee the dog
owned by Heather

You were the coolest dog around but now you're not around and I miss you. When I came from school one morning I was looking all around for you. I asked where you were, they said you got ran over but I know it's all Leon's fault. He didnt even say sorry about letting you out. He didn't like you very much but your real family did love you and RIP see you in heaven.
Grave #14
Muffy the dog
owned by Nicole

The dog that I had since I was 3, I will remember you forever.
Grave #7
Damien the golden hamster
owned by Lauren

Damien was just the most special hamster in the world. He was just so different.
Grave #9
Baby Girl Kitty the new born kitten
owned by Big Sis Michelle

This litten was supposed to be mine but two weeks after she was born I found her lying down and she was no longer alive. I will miss you little ones, God bless you and I will always remember you. Rest peacefuly in God's great heven.
Love always,
Big Sis Shelly
Grave #5
Dude Rose the pitbull
owned by Sierra, Linda, and Brian Rose

Dude was a very playful dog that loved to eat and try to escape his dog pen. He was a dog that when ever anyone [even stangers] would come up to him he would be happy that he was getting love. We miss and love you Dude AKA Duder and we hope that you are having fun in doggy heaven.
Grave #14
Simba, Pickles1, Pickles2, Fuzzy Robinson the cats
owned by The Robinsons

To our wonderful cats that we miss so dearly: We wish you could still be here, but we know that your in a pain free life and we hope to see you at the the end of our lives. We love you and always will. Love mom, dad, bubba and your two sisters, jess and shelly.
Grave #14
Tweety Bird the cocitu
owned by Sierra Rose

Tweety was given to me when I was about 4 years old and he was my first pet. He died on October 20th, 2005. I wish him well in his afterlife and God bless him.
Grave #14
Leroy Brown Robinson
owned by Shelley

Leroy, I love you and miss you. I wish that you could still be here. Love Mama.
Grave #8
Lucy the bird
owned by Aislinn M. Foerstner

Lucy/Lucas?, I said I'd love you forever the day I got you, and it's true. I always loved you and I always will. I hope you are flying, flying like you never could. I love you so much. No bird could ever take your place. I will never forget you. Don't forget me!
Grave #2
The Bittener the Putty Tat
owned by Aislinn M. Foerstner- loving Mommie

Bity, You were your own cat. Our house was a diner and you cooked at home. You were a fierce cat. I'm sorry.

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