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Grave #8
Peg the chinese dwarf hamster
owned by Amber

Only alive 8 weeks, this energetic furball will be missed. Wish I could have known you longer.
Grave #1
Lucy the dalmation
owned by Emily

Lucy was 18 years old, and loyal all the way.
Grave #14
Coco the dog
owned by Chocolate coco

Coco was a beautiful dog. She also played great frisbee. I loved her soo much!!!
Grave #12
Bean the dog
owned by shinybubbles02

Gosh bean. I REALLY miss you. You were the best dog a girl could ever have. I'm really sorry you died. I'm sure your ashes are still scattered on that mountain top waiting to meet your family again. Trust me, we will see each other again. :(
Grave #5
Butter the hamster
owned by Jacki

I love you Butter, they put you in a box. I know you hate boxes...I love you.
Personal Grave Photo
Boots the cat
owned by Kevin Mellow

To my pretty little girl,
I love you and miss you dearly. Stay sweet.
Grave #13
Basil the dog
owned by Lauren

I love and miss you. You were the best dog in the whole wide world. I wish your heart were still beating with all that love in the world.
Grave #12
Rocky the dog
owned by Josh

Here lies my best pal, Rocky. Soon to be with me again.
Grave #3
Iggy Robinson the green iguana
owned by Iggy Robinson

Iggy you came to us 14 years ago. At first we were a little scared to hold you, but once we had you and found out what a wonderful and tender-heart pet you could be we fell in love with you. When times were sad and mama robinson worked in the gardens you always seemed to make her feel better. You couldn't talk back so that made it easy to talk to you. You filled our lives with happiness and will deeply be missed. Love mama jennifer, papa pat, patrick, jessica, and michelle
Grave #2
Grayboy the cat
owned by hartielover

Grayboy was a good cat. He was very old; he was 10 years old when he died. We all loved him very much.

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