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Grave #13
Khemasy Blackshaw the horse
owned by Susan Blackshaw

Our horse was a fiesty Arabian and we loved her Very much. She never reared so we never fell off her back.
Grave #1
Speedy the hamster
owned by Christie Lam

Speedy was the cutest hamster I ever owned. Though he sometimes bites, but he still is my favourite hamster. Even the other hamsters miss him. Why did you die of tail sickness? I hope you are doing well in hamster heaven because I miss you a lot Speedy, maybe we will meet again. Goodbye for now.
Grave #7
Willie the cat
owned by Lizzy Ehret

He was the best thing that ever came on this earth and nothing can replace him!
Grave #14
Dude the bluebelly lizard
owned by William [shinobi]

You were not just any lizard, you were special, you had a wisdom, a care in your eyes, you were a true friend, catching you and caring for you, all the things we have been though, together, i am more sorry than words can tell about today, i am sorry i wasnt there to watch over you in your age, your death is a sorrowful accident, please forgive me, i will have a part of you inside me always. my tears are for you my friend, may we meet again, on the other side.
Grave #14
Duke the pitbull
owned by Julia

He was a very special dog
Grave #6
Ploofi the cat
owned by Mary Elaina

This is to my beloved friend, Ploofi. Ploofi, if you see this, visit me!
Grave #2
Adam the leaporida
owned by Adam H Pappas

Adam, I loved you with all my heart, I can't believe you died, I came to your funeral, your the best pet on earth!
Grave #9
Buddy the hamster
owned by Sarah

Grave #2
Rachel M. Ocklo the Leporida
owned by Samantha Venhaus

Rachel was a great pet, she loved to watch TV and she liked having fun, I will miss you, your the best! R.I.P.
Grave #13
Daisy the cat
owned by Kaitlyn

I miss you so much!!!!!

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