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Grave #3
Kim the collie
owned by all of us

We will always love you.
Grave #11
Illo the dog
owned by Samantha

Illo was a good dog! I loved him! Before he jumped in front of the truck! He was always good to my family! I love you!
Grave #13
Greta the dog
owned by Sammy

I loved her even though she died right in front of my mom and the vet's eyes. I Miss You Greta.
Grave #14
Sunshine and Marshmellow the goldfish
owned by Katherine S.

I really miss Sunshine "Sunny" and Marshmallow, my very first pets. They were County Fair goldfish, so I really didn't expect them to last too long, but they lasted years. Until my sister killed them. I miss you, guys..
Grave #5
Nate the lepordia
owned by Samantha

I miss my pal very much
Grave #1
Pete the budgie
owned by My Sister

You were the smart one of the two. You were sweet, innocent, and tame. We all miss you and hope you are in a better place.
Grave #1
Poofy the bunny
owned by Lex Shive

I will really miss you, Poofy. You always knew how to make me smile. I'll never forget your white fluffy fur rubbing up against my cheek. I think of you all the time. R.I.P.
Grave #12
Storm the cat
owned by Emily

Stummie was a good cat! I loved him very very much! He put up with people being mean to him. On Sunday May 24 he was hit by a car and killed but he is in a better place now. I LOVE YOU STORM!!!!!!!!

Personal Grave Photo
Meow Meow the rabbit
owned by Vivi and Anthony

Your life is so short.. I am very sorry for not being around when you die. May you rest in peace.
Grave #11
Max the dog
owned by the Piercebrown Family

When I first saw you - in the vegetable garden with Katie your new mother right until we left on holiday I loved you very much and you were the best sausage dog in the world. RIP Max.

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