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Grave #2
Joachim Croskery the Chinchilla
owned by Mick Croskery

A much loved pet of 13 years. May you rest in peace Jo. xxx
Grave #11
Baby the cat
owned by Dennis Bland

Baby was the greatest cat I ever had. She was half siamese, and was incredibly intelligent. She had common sense, and was friendly. She was one of a kind.
Grave #8
Snowball the hamster
owned by Alice

Every One Loved You And I Still Think About You. Well Done For Living 3 and a half years. You're Great. Love You Loads.
Grave #14
Cuddles the dog
owned by Mommy

I miss you terribly.
Grave #11
Charley the green iguana
owned by Joel R. (Ultima_64)

Charley, my best friend. You helped me find my love for reptiles and various other things. There will never be a better iguana.
Grave #3
Tigger the cat
owned by Lauranda


she came to my life as a feral stray
she had to be taught love and trust
i'm gonna miss her hugs she gave me by puttign her paws on my shoulders and lay
her head down underneath my chin.
im gonna miss her purring when we go to bed at night
she was so full of love and joy
she didnt have a chance to try out the new kennel i got for them to smell the fresh air.
she loved going outside to eat the grass and to explore
she had such a beautiful soul and grace
tiger you where such a beautiful friend that i will always love and cherished
it time to say good bye to my beautiful friend this way you can start your new life in heaven
i cant hold you or pet you anymore but i know your with me in spirit.
tiger you where a very special angel in my life that i will always love and rememeber.
Grave #1
Monty the dog
owned by Grant

A devoted mother and family member.
Personal Grave Photo
Miss Snugglebum the rex guinea pig
owned by Katie Lou
Grave #1
Cookie the rabbit
owned by Tori

Cookie, I miss you. Why won't my parents tell me where they buried you?
Grave #1
Buster the cat
owned by Lahlah McColl

Your life was so short I wonder why it was begun. We all miss you very much. Love from the McColls.

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