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Greetings! We are proud to welcome you to Pet Graveyard, the online home of free pet memorial services. Here at Pet Graveyard we perfectly understand the difficulty of losing an animal friend that you have kept close to your heart over the years. On our website, we allow you to create a free online memorial for your animal friend. Unlike some other online animal graveyards, where they mask forced "donations" as a method of profit, here at Pet Graveyard we ask for nothing in return for giving you a free pet memorial. Additionally, we don't show any advertisements to annoy you while you reflect on your beloved deceased pets. Some other online graveyards require you to click on advertisements, fueling the webmaster's wallet, before you submit your pet. Yet here at Pet Graveyard, we believe that is sick, immoral, and wrong. At Pet Graveyard, we stand to gain no money off of your enjoyment of this service, and instead share a common love of pets with you. Please enjoy your stay at the greatest online pet memorial ground, Pet Graveyard!

News from the Webmaster:
March 17, 2008 - The first of many radical changes has been made to Pet Graveyard. We have now turned completely to the "petgraveyard.com" domain name and are on a new host.

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